Misr El Kheir // Roadmap


Director : Karim Shaaban
DOP : Fawzi Darwish
Producer : Dina Reheem
Client : Misr El Kheir

Location: Fayoum

Every one of us has the potential to become great at something, a talented artist, a skilful doctor, or a
smart engineer, but it all depends on the opportunities each one gets. Community schools are on way to get non-systematic education, it is very flexible and practical as it suits the needs and the circumstances of its community, these schools work on creating opportunities for educating children from age 6 to age 14, who are living in rough or deprived areas in Egypt.
Some people might think that just because it’s a school that was built and being operated by “charity money” that it offers very limited education opportunities; and that’s not true. The curriculums that these schools have are similar to most private schools in Cairo.

This campaign aims to showcase the real impact of community schools on children besides the
opportunities that the school provides for them. The video showcases Hazem Emam and Zap Tharwat reaching out to the children enrolled in community schools to highlight how education and the presence of these schools are changing their lives.

Behind the scenes

Misr El Kheir // Roadmap
Misr El Kheir // Roadmap
Misr El Kheir // Roadmap
Misr El Kheir // Roadmap

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