ICRC // Ramadan


Director : Mostafa El-Soly
DOP : Victor Credi
Producer : El-Garawany
Client : ICRC

Location: Cairo

Progressively, civilians make up the vast majority of the victims of armed conflict, even though
International Law specifies that attacks should only be directed at military objectives and that civilians
and civilian objects should be respected. However, attacks directed at military objectives that may affect
civilians are neither abolished nor prohibited by the law.

The last few moments before dusk can tell a lot about the feels of Ramadan, families gather around one
table to celebrate the warm vibes of Iftar, While Ramadan is supposed to be a month of peace, in
countries with war, it does not matter.

This video takes you through the lives of these civilians during the holy month; civilians that have no
hand in the war but become a victim of it. ICRC and Axeer aim to raise awareness about the terror of the
mortar attacks in Syria and other countries under crisis, in order to always make you consider where our
refugees came from and why they had to flee.

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